Praxtour 4 in 1 Combi

Cruise & Downhill & PraxFit & PraxFilm
Praxtour 4 in 1 Combi

4 in 1 Combi. Combine the various cycling concepts from Praxtour and choose the ideal exercise for each target group.

With the 4 in 1 option, you can combine the following products: Experience a realistic cycling experience with the Praxtour Cruise, with adjustable level settings.
Collect coins and dodge obstacles by steering and cycling in the Downhill virtual environment. Cycle through a beautiful environment based on revolutions (RPM) or time with the PraxFit option. Or playfully go through a fun (cartoon) film by moving continuously with PraxFilm. But do not forget to pedal!

Exercise for young and old!

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