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VirtuReal Cycling for Everyone

Exercise is a fun and healthy activity. Whether you prefer to walk, run, cycle or swim; exercise is important. Yet exercise is not always easy for everyone because of, for example, bad weather conditions, illness or old age. Then exercise becomes a challenge. Regardless of age and entry-level, Praxtour makes exercise accessible to everyone again.

Praxtour develops virtual exercise concepts for indoor bicycles and treadmills for fitness, healthcare, and endurance sports training for cyclists. Thanks to our developed route simulation software, you can experience all the elements of outdoor sports while cycling indoors. Indoor cycling is a great and motivating way to improve your level of fitness.

All our bikes are fully customizable and suitable for every level. For the athletes, the resistance can be increased step-by-step, according to your training plan. The less able, young and old, can also exercise in a pleasant and motivating way while sitting or lying down. Enjoy the indoor bike experience with beautiful route films or customized route films. Good weather or bad, with Praxtour you can exercise anytime!


Virtual Real Cycling indoor cycling experience for the gym.

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Pleasant exercise and faster rehabilitation for young and old in healthcare.

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Targeted training and strength improvement with the Praxtour bikes.

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