Praxtour Brochures

Praxtour VirtuReal Cycling for Everyone

Praxtour brochure

Praxtour Course flyer

Praxtour Cruise flyer

Praxtour CtR flyer

Praxtour PraxSpin flyer

Praxtour PraxFit flyer

VirtuReal Cycling in Healthcare

Healthcare brochure

PraxFit & MOTOmed Letto flyer

PraxFit & MOTOmed Viva flyer

PraxFit with 43” screen flyer

PraxFilm voor kids flyer

PraxFilm for adults flyer

Praxtour Cruise flyer

Praxtour 2 in 1 Combi flyer

Praxtour 4 in 1 Combi flyer

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