Praxtour’s Software Packages

This VirtuReal Cycling software, in combination with a Praxtour bike, offers you the most realistic indoor cycling experience! The Console, equipped with a computer and a 24″, 27″ or 43″ screen, is equipped with the VirtuReal software from Praxtour and has been developed to display the realistic images of the route films and to simulate the toughest climbs as accurately as possible.
The software is intended for the Course, Cruise and CtR Bikes and is equipped with Active Resistance. As a result, you feel the resistance associated with a climb or descent. By changing gears, you determine the gravity and your speed, and with your cycling speed, you determine how quickly the route film is played. Levels are therefore adjustable, from realistically tough to almost resistance-free.

With the PraxFit software, you can cycle in a virtual world on any training device – as long as there is a rotating pedal mechanism. Our route films are easily linked to a Thera Trainer, MOTOmed or a Spin or Cardio bike. A sensor is installed on a pedal and the ANT+ receiver is then plugged into the computer. The film plays based on the revolutions of the bottom bracket.

In addition to our existing route films, we also deliver customised route films. The user can then cycle through familiar landscapes and cityscapes. This ensures a trusted and pleasant cycling experience. In short, this software makes virtual cycling available to everyone.


Use the beautiful Praxtour route films interactively in group training. The film is played on a large screen.
This offers a fantastic challenge where you really feel like you are on the route. PraxSpin plays the film in a time set by the instructor. With the distance, time, ascent rates and cadence on display, the lesson becomes even more realistic. PraxSpin brings an extra dimension to group training.